Temple Parks and Recreation volunteers provide valuable services to the community by assisting in many events and programs in a variety of ways. Volunteers can participate on a regular basis or on occasion as desired. There are many opportunities for individuals and groups to choose from, and an assortment of times and days is available.

Temple Parks and Recreation Department truly appreciates our many volunteers!

2019 Volunteers of the Year

Wilson Park Volunteer of the Year
 - Veronica Basile

Gober Party House Volunteer of the Year - Emma Jez

Sammons Community Center Volunteer of the Year - Jessie Glass

Athletics Volunteer of the Year - Lakiya Tolden

Special Events Volunteer of the Year - Dave Utter

Sammons Golf Links Volunteer of the Year - Steve Ashford

Railroad and Heritage Museum Volunteer of the Year - Ben Julson & Arthur Smith

Adopt a Park Group Volunteers of the Year - Terrace Gardens & Rescare

Volunteer with the Most Hours - Steve Ashford

Fred Poteet Award - The Rusty Dusters