Utility Services

The Utility Division of Temple's Public Works Department consists of many separate groups working together to provide quality water and wastewater services throughout the City of Temple. We are committed to providing our customers with a reliable and safe water supply, essential wastewater systems, maintenance of the city's infrastructure and protecting, conserving and enhancing the area's environmental resources.

Water Distribution

The Water Distribution team takes care of the existing water mains that carry water to homes and businesses throughout the city. They also respond to and perform emergency leak repairs.
Water Treatment

Wastewater Collection

The Wastewater Collection team cleans and maintains the City's pipes that carry wastewater from homes and businesses to the wastewater treatment facilities. Crews also respond to emergency overflows.

Water Treatment

Temple's Water Treatment Plant draws surface water from the Leon River and runs it through a treatment process so that it is safe to consume. On average, the City pumps 15 million gallons of water daily. That's enough water to fill up almost 23 olympic-size swimming pools.
Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

Temple has a robust Pretreatment Program to ensure wastewater discharged by local industries will not affect either of the two treatment facilities. These facilities receive the wastewater, treat it and either return it to the environment or reuse it.
Enviornmental Programs

Environmental Programs

Temple's Environmental Programs team administers and enforces the City's Cross-Connection and Backflow Prevention Programs in accordance with the state's governing agency. They also work to preserve existing wastewater infrastructure and reduce sanitary sewer overflows through the Liquid Waste Reduction Program.

Utility Billing and New Service Requests

If you need to establish new water service, have questions about your bill or to pay your bill online, please visit the Utility Business Office page.