Travel Precautions

  • Follow the Vehicle Security tips when traveling.
  • If traveling by air, arrive at the airport early.
  • Check with the airport and airline for information on arrival times and security restrictions.
  • Move through the security checkpoint as soon as possible.
  • Keep your bags and all other items with you at all times.
  • Be aware of unattended bags and packages.
  • Be aware of suspicious persons and activity.
  • Report suspicious activity, persons, and bags to security.
  • Pay attention and follow all security and safety guidance provided by the airport and airlines.
International Travel
When traveling to other countries:
  • Check with the U.S. State Department for security and travel advisories at their website or call 202-647-5225.
  • Learn a few key phrases in the local language, such as "I need help, call the police or a doctor" etc.
  • Try to be inconspicuous and avoid wearing things that identify you as an American.
  • Avoid high-risk areas such as demonstrations.