2015 - 2019 CDBG Information

CAPER Infographic 2018 City of Temple

Past Plan Documents

Community Needs Assessment

In early 2015, the city of Temple, in collaboration with multiple local and regional partners, undertook a Community Needs Assessment for CDBG related issues. This Needs Assessment documents high and low priorities as expressed by residents. Great care and effort was taken to ensure community-wide distribution of surveys, giving as many residents as possible access to the needs assessment and a voice in the CDBG program.

Advertising Outlets

The City used local radio, public access television, online websites, social media, the public library, City Hall, local newspaper, community organizations, churches, civic organizations and many community base public service agencies to advertise the Needs Assessment.

Information From the Assessment

The information from the Needs Assessment informs the drafting of the 2015-2019 Consolidated Plan (CP), and each subsequent year of the Annual Action Plan (AP); and allows us to prioritize CDBG funded activities based on community input, staff capacity, collaborative support, and limited availability of funds. Every effort is taken to address the most reasonable high priority needs in a manner keeping with City of Temple goals. For more information, check out the Community Needs Assessment Presentation (PDF).