Recycling at home is simple! New products can be manufactured from recycled materials instead of virgin materials, which lessens our dependence on limited natural resources. Additionally, when we recycle, we prevent reusable materials from ending up in a landfill where they become contaminated and cannot be extracted and reused.

The City of Temple currently offers the following recycling opportunities: 

Green Tags

Has your recycle cart not been emptied on pick-up day? Was a green tag placed on your recycle cart?
If the answer is yes, please let us explain. In an effort to reduce the amount of contaminated recyclable materials being picked up, the City of Temple has been placing green tags on recycle carts and not emptying the cart until unauthorized items have been removed.

Unaccepted Items

Please refer to our Curbside Recycling page for details on accepted and unauthorized items in the curbside recycling program. Contaminated recyclable materials must be taken to the landfill, which defeats the purpose of our recycling program. Please help us continue to divert recyclables by properly disposing of items. Contact us 254-298-5725 if you have any questions.

Free Oil Recycling

The City of Temple accepts a variety of oils year-round for FREE!

Bring your used motor oil or waste vegetable oils to our facility at 3219 Bullseye Lane Temple, TX 76501

More Information

If you have any questions about these recycling opportunities, please contact the Recycling Division of Solid Waste Services at 254-298-5725 or via email