Municipal Court

City of Temple Municipal Court


The court’s mission is to impartially administer justice in a fair and efficient manner so that trust and accountability are exemplified to the public that we serve.

The Court Lobby is now an option, with careful screening. Please call ahead for instructions. 

Online Court is available. You may call or email for an appointment.

Watch Temple Municipal Court on YouTube, Tuesday & Thursday at 9 a.m.

Click here: Temple Municipal Court YouTube Channel


Many live court proceedings may now be held on-line via Zoom through computer, tablet, smartphone or in some cases, a regular telephone line.  It is also possible to handle your legal issue with this court through letter, fax or email.

Use this form to convey information about your case:

Use this form for payment plan requests or when asking for other assistance:

To schedule a case for an online hearing, please email the court.

PHONE: 254-298-5687    *EMAIL:                      
*FAX:  254-773-4301      *LETTER: 401 N. 3rd St., Temple, TX 76501

*You must call to confirm when you send a letter, email or fax.  Also, please note that all court dates are deadlines and are required.  If you miss court, you may lose options. 

ADA ASSISTANCE: If you have a disability or need special communication or accommodation need, please tell the court at least 48 hours prior to your court date.


  • No weapons of any type are allowed in the court room, even if you have a permit. This includes pocket/clip/multi-use knives/tools, pointed/sharp items and any type of pepper spray or taser.
  • Security Staff have the final say in what is deemed unacceptable.
  • All persons, bags, purses, back-packs, etc are subject to search. Refusing means denial of entry.
  • Jokes about weapons or threatens will be taken seriously.
  • Any act or comment deemed a threat will result in removal from court and charges may be filed.
  • Only approach the Judge's bench when directed to do so.
  • Stand at the podium and do not lean on the Judge’s bench.
  • Please remain quiet in the courtroom until you are called upon to speak.
  • No fashion hats, shirts with text/images that are offensive, racist or cause distraction, baggy pants, dresses/skirts/shorts that extend beyond the wearer’s fingertips when standing.

Thank you for your assistance & compliance.