Legacy Trees


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What is a Legacy Tree?

A Legacy Tree is a tree or stand of trees that due to its age, size, species, quality or historic association, is of landmark importance and its retention as such will not unreasonably interfere with the use of the property it is located on. Trees designated through this program must be within the city limits of the City of Temple.

Legacy Trees are divided into 5 categories:

Heritage Tree

  • Trunk at least 8 inches in diameter
  • 50 years or older
  • Connection to a significant historic event, building, district
  • Planted by a historically significant individual
  • Unique or special in size and/or form

Landmark Tree

  • Striking or unusual trees with high aesthetic value
  • Large for the particular species
  • Special or unusual form
  • Interesting flowers or branching patterns
  • Species rare to their location

Parkway Resource Tree

  • Groups of trees in public right-of-ways, public parking lots or trails
  • Consistent design themes with similar sizes, shapes, health, and forms
  • Create a canopy over a public right-of-way

Preservation Grove

  • 6 or more trees with trunks within 100 feet
  • Same or similar species and forms
  • Native, naturalized, or surviving without intervention

Champion Tree

  • Largest living tree of its species located within the city limits of Temple
  • ** We need Champion tree nominations for these common trees: Texas Ash, Green Ash, Crapemyrtle, Cedar Elm, Ash Juniper, Arizona Cypress, Sycamore, Mesquite, Hackberry, Bradford Pear, Red Oak, Red Bud, Lilac Chaste, Catalpa, Lacebark Elm**

How to Nominate a Tree:

Anyone may nominate a tree for Legacy Tree status, as long as the property owner gives approval for the nomination.

Complete the Nomination Form (PDF) and submit to:
City of Temple Parks & Recreation
Attn: Legacy Tree Program
1701 N. General Bruce Drive
Temple, Texas 76504