Junior Fire Cadet Program


Youth, ranging from ages 9-13 will be participating in a ten day program.   It is Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.  A fire department instructor will be on campus by 7:30 a.m. daily as students are dropped off.  Students have the option of attending session 1, or session 2.  Session 1 dates are June 3-16, and session 2 dates are June 17-30.  Graduation is Thursday evening, June 30.

The program will be conducted at Scott Elementary School, 2301 West Avenue P, and Fire Training Center, 7268 Airport Road.

The program includes an assortment of training experiences such as handling of ladders, fire hoses and nozzles, ropes and knots, fire prevention and traffic safety, CPR and first aid training.  Students will also learn the importance of ethics and setting goals, working together as a team, exercise and respect of neighbors and themselves.

Students will learn about Temple Fire & Rescue, and what it takes to become a firefighter.

Students who are attending the program for the first time are considered initial cadets, while those who have previously attended the program are considered returning cadets. 

 There is no charge to attend the Junior Fire Cadet Program. 

Selection for the Cadet Program

We are looking for boys and girls from all walks of life who want to learn while having fun as they better themselves.  Our goal is to help children reach their potential.  Applications are reviewed by members of Temple Fire & Rescue, who also serve as program instructors. 


Temple ISD participates in the Summer Meal Program.  Students attending the Junior Fire Cadet Program may eat breakfast and lunch at no charge.  Adults may eat for a nominal fee. 


Cadets are expected to provide their own transportation to and from class daily.  If you are unable to provide transportation, please contact us at (254) 298-5682 to see how we can assist.


Visitors are welcome to observe, but to prevent disruption, please call us at (254) 298-5682 to schedule your visit.


It’s our aim that each cadet leave this program with a better sense of responsibility and that he/she will be more accountable for their actions in their family and community.  We hope that be exposing cadets to the skills of firefighters and the rules employees must follow to achieve success, he/she will have a better idea where they fit into today’s world and their future career goals.

This information is designed to acquaint both cadets, parents and/or legal guardians with the Junior Fire Cadet Program and its purpose.  We want this to be a positive, fun and educational experience for your child.  We hope to promote good work habits and build positive attitudes with all cadets enrolled.

For best results, both child and parent should review and understand expectations of the program.  If you wish to participate, both parent and child should fill out the two-page application and submit.

We will inform you whether or not your child has been accepted into the program within one business day after the application has been received.

Applications may be completed online. They can also be faxed to (254) 298-5596, delivered or mailed to 210 North 3rd Street, Temple, 76501