Public Education/ Involvement

PEI-6 Storm Drain Marking
The City of Temple’s Storm Water Program hosts an annual Storm Drain Marking Event as part of our Public Education and Involvement program. This event consists of volunteers affixing steel buttons with a “Don’t Dump, Drains to Creek” message to the storm drain inlets. Anything that enters a storm drain inlet is discharged untreated into our waterways such as creeks, streams, rivers and lakes. Storm water affects both aquatic life and human life.
Storm Drain Marker1.png
PEI- 8 Stormwater Stakeholders Meetings
The City of Temple hosts annual meetings for the Stormwater Stakeholders' Committee. Topics of discussion include:
  • City of Temple Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) Annual Update
  • History of Stormwater Regulations
  • Purpose of the Stormwater Stakeholder
  • History of Stakeholder Involvement in Reviewing Temple's SWMP
Next Meeting
The details of the next meeting are to be determined.
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